Skiing in Gulmarg

skis hang out of the Gondala, its pretty funny

yup, Highest I've skied. Sorry Loveland, sorry Zermatt

I so wanted to bring one of these pups home

some signs of war

skiing tour of the town of Drang



yum Kashmir bread

my room

the Buckahari (not warm)

no running water :(

lots of snow

training hill


Bryan from CO. He's the safty officer

yea, ok, sure... we'll just stay in the green... no way!

tea stall

the town of Gulmarg, Srinagar vally, and into the real mountains

out the gondala door

Yasin is the MAN in town

James birthday

Last night I stayed on a house boat on Dal Lake in Srinagar

Awesome man, Peter owns the boat