A Fantastic trip to Islamabad Pakistan to meet with their HIV/AIDS program. We found many ways we could support the programme, and also foudn the people and the country to be beautiful!

Fantastic Roads

Very tight security in Islamabad

The border of Islamabad lookign into Rawalpindi where things look a bit more like India

Faisal Mosque- paid for by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

Beautiful Himalayan foot hills in the background

overlooking Islamabad

Vijay and our awesome Kashmiri driver

Islamabad was planned out in the 60....

Yasir, Account cum tour guide

Anchent village, all rennovated

No need for a Munder here anymore!

Bench Vijay aked me to take a picture of for his wife

The national Monumnet

Each of the 4 states are represented

At the Lake

Jet Ski?

Garbage Can?

OK, India take notice!!!!

Fantastic dinner at Dr. Hasan's house

Some members of HIV community, with Hasan's wife in the corner

Trip to Murree, nearby hill station

Like an Indian hill station- only cleaner

Pakistan Kashmir license plate!

Fantastic Shawls for sale

Good bye to my friends :(