Death Valley
I took a few days after a conference and headed to Death Valley to visit my friend Dave. I Found a beautiful National Park, and had a blast catching up with Dave!

This is where Dave works

up to about 6000 feet

see that sign way up there? thats where Sea Level is!

Lowest I've ever been (an hour after having been at 6000 feet- weird!)

there is no way for water to exit the basin so it fills with salt

Salt Ball!

I wanted to get to the top!

things got a bit technical to be doing alone with no gear

Pretty sweet Castle!

Random Sand Dunes

Awesome Mines- supposed to be open.... NO LUCK, cosed because of bats (sound familiar Lisa?)

I did find on eI could kinda go in

it ended like the second I couldn't see light

Pretty huh? Allege trapped in the rocks give it it's color

cool road!